First There Was Moving Stuff

So, first there was the moving stuff.  Remember w-a-y back in November 2006 when we went to Disneyland, our house flooded causing $5000 worth of damages and we had to move out upon our return?  No?  Go look at the pictures here:  More Pictures

Well, what’s not in the pictures is the one inch of water that was found standing in our dining room.  That water damaged our buffet table and it was peeling.  It needed to be repaired before being moved so the damage wouldn’t get worse.  So we called the furniture guy to pick it up.

Go take a look at the buffet table here:  Buffet Table.  As you can see, it has four drawers and two cabinets.  Of course, they were packed with stuff, anything from placemats and table runners to cell phone chargers and batteries.  All that stuff had to go somewhere for the buffet table to leave.

I’m getting to that.

So the very same day that the buffet table left to be repaired, we needed to set out a worn out couch on the curb for trash pick up.  They only do bulk item removal once a month so it had to be that day.  Philip grabbed a neighbor to help but our staircase is very narrow.  So narrow that to get a queen size bed in or out of the house, one of the upstairs windows has to be removed and the bed shoved in/out.  But we also have a bookshelf on one landing and it needed to be emptied and removed before the couch could come down.

We just emptied the contents of the bookshelf into the same area as the buffet stuff went.

It looked like this:


Yes, those are boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  They are for troops at Walter Reed, not me.


Piles of books.


Books, mail, baskets, dishes and the empty bookshelf off to the side.

Did I mention this was the day before my parents were to arrive?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I did not know that. Next time we will try to plan our arrival better, so your Dad can help. But then again, we arrived a day later than planned because of a quick trip to NC first. Too Bad…like I said, I did not know that.

  • OMGoodness! Those flood pics are unreal! Wow, and I thought our 07 flood was bad

    But the only thing I lost was a dining table…and a few weeks not being able to use the kitchen or laundry room. Well, and I couldn’t make dresses for my shop, so I had to close it down for about a month. But we got a trip to disneyland out of it, sort of. We were getting meal stipens due to the loss of our kitchen, so housing paid for our meals while we went off to disneyland. That was some great lemonaid!

  • Hang in there. Soon everything will be in boxes, and you will have a nice new slate to work with. It will be a spacious slate, so you won’t be constantly cramming everything into a house that is too small. Also, it will be the home for your future. . .if it doesn’t fit here you can get rid of it. No more need to keep stuff for the “next” place.

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