I really was going to write this over the weekend, but Saturday morning I was pulling on my socks and I managed to rip my right index fingernail off, halfway down.  It bled and hurt.  Alot.  So much I cried when I had to get a new bandaid.  Hello?  Band-Aid brand?  Whatever happened to the no-stick pad?  Cuz it stuck and naked nail bed hurts. Really badly!!

So I really can’t use that finger much, which makes it hard to type and really interferes with my computer games household chores.  But I’m here now, hurty finger and all, making about 12 typing errors per sentence, but here it goes…

One of the most striking things about our new home was the view.  All the people that traipsed in and out of our since we moved in, the locksmith, carpet cleaner, movers, furniture repair guys…all of them commented about the view.  Of all the windows that face the back yard, only the bathroom and bedroom had window treatments.  It was just too beautiful to block.

Well, the city, in its infinite wisdom decided that the dry creek behind us needed to be cleared of the trees.  Something about improving drainage and delaying erosion.  I’m thinking that tree roots help with erosion, but then again, I’m not in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Now our backyard view is pitiful.  It’s like mighty Samson, shorned, betrayed, weakened and blind.  It hurts to look at.  It hurts to know that this view, this one thing was our home’s crowning glory.  It hurts that it will never, ever look the same again.

Here is the view from the deck, looking to the right of our house, as it was the day we bought the house.

Here it is now. Make sure you click to make the picture bigger so you can truly appreciate the horror.
rsz_dsc02038I know, I know.  I think the drainage pipe is a nice touch, don’t you?  Reminds me of the L.A. River.

Here is the old view, looking to the left.

And now…
rsz_dsc02036Oh look – neighbors I never knew I had.

We were spared one single aspen and one other tree behind our house.

I know they are just trees.  I know that in the grand scheme of life, this isn’t that important.  But I loved those trees.  Looking out our windows brought me such joy.  Sitting on the deck, listening to the wind through the aspens, spying the deer walk along our fence, getting a snack – this is exactly what I thought of when I thought of Colorado.  Even though we were moving to a big city, being surrounded by such Coloradoness was the unspoken dream of my heart.  And I wanted aspens. Imagine my joy at finding all that I wanted.

So my heart broke last week, listening to the chain saws and mulcher turning my trees into wood chips.  I’ll admit it, I cried.  As I sat in the office window one night and could see my across the creek neighbors, I realized we would need curtains.  I’ll never be able to sit outside with my coffee and enjoy the beauty of nature.

It’s tough, accepting the things you can’t change, losing the things you love so much.  I’m sure there is a lesson here, but I don’t really want to know what it is right now.  I’m such an Eeyore anyway, always sad about something and now I’m mourning my trees.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • OH, my heart breaks for you and your trees. Seriously. To go from total privacy in the midst of a city, to just plain in the midst of a city…that really is a shocking change. I will pray that the Lord brings something else into your life that gives you joy and a sense of Coloradoness to replace that which was lost. ((hugs))

  • Oh! I’m crying along with you. That’s a real shame.

    I’ve heard that aspens are fast growing. Maybe you could “accidentally” drop a few saplings along your fence?

  • The General & I are gasping, loudly I might add. I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY CUT ALL THE TREES! I’m with MustardSeedMum, I’d plant more trees after dark. Heck, get the neighbors in on it. I’m sure they are less than thrilled to be looking in your back windows. What a shame.

  • I enlarged that picture and you’re right, it’s really awful. I’m so sorry that happened to you. And you can hardly get over it- you have to look at it every day. When we bought our house it had huge bushes all around the fence which hid the view of our yard from the neighbors and their yards were hidden from us. This was a big part of why we bought this house. But, when a storm came through and we all had to replace our fences…each neighbor complained about our bushes and my husband let them cut out the ones they claimed were in the way. They weren’t special to me like the trees were to you, but I do understand losing your privacy. And the first chance I get I’m moving right out of this house.

  • Why don’t you plant some trees along the inside of your fence line? They’ll eventually get bigger, and surely that won’t hurt there drainage pipe. you could splurge and get a few 5-10 year old trees so there big now and mix them with some baby aspen or whatnot.
    It does seem like that should have been in the contract, you give us our money back if you destroy our view within 90 days.

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