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Thoughts in My Brain
In Which I Make Plans

Thoughts in My Brain

Just some random thoughts since I can’t seem to put enough together to make a whole post.

*Being pregnant with your fifth at age 40 is much different than being pregnant with your first at 28.  Though I think it has less to do with my age and more to do with the current batch of children who need to be schooled, fed and chauffeured.

*We tried to determine the gender of the baby today.  We saw two arms, two legs, a face, a two-hemisphered brain and could even count fingers and toes.  Baby even waved happily at us…and kept his or her little ankles crossed.  We poked and prodded, but that little one would not give up his/her secret.  I’m not quite 18 weeks yet, so it was a long shot, but now it’ll be another 4 weeks until my next appointment.

*Is it possible for cats to be moody? Not just normal cat aloofness, either.  I mean like, being all, “love me, love me, scratch my head, give treats, love me…”, purring just at the sight of you, weaving in and out of your legs one week, then all walking away as you get close and giving you the stink eye the next week?  Our still-not-spayed mama cat is like that.  Could she be hormonal?  We do plan on getting her fixed, we just want to give her time to adapt to being taken away from the only home she’s ever known.  You know, before subjecting her to major surgery.

*Speaking of cats, I found the perfect way for Pumpkin Girl to keep her room clean!  The cats live in her room.  Their food and litter is in the bathroom across the hall, but they spend most of their time with her.  She reads aloud to them and cuddles them and pampers them like the little goddesses they think they are.  Plus she has a giant window seat in her room where they can perch and look down upon humanity.  Anyhoo, as a result, her room gets a little furry.  So every other day she has to clean everything off of her floor and vacuum.  Plus, she is learning that anything that she leaves out is fair game for the cats to attack, scratch or nibble.  I’ve never seen her room look so good for so long!

*I’ve never seen an episode of “Lost”.   I didn’t care for “24”.  Thus, my life continues as normal this week.

*I downloaded a bunch of ’80s songs on iTunes, and then rediscovered my CDs.  I already owned most of those songs.

*Phil was complaining that he’d put on some weight (bringing him out of the “skinny” category and into “normal”).  Pumpkin Girl blithely told him, “Don’t worry, Daddy.  Everyone gets a little winter blubber.”

In Which I Make Plans

…and God laughs.

I have this nice house now, you see.  After 17 years of following my husband around the world, making a home out of whatever 4 walls we found ourselves in, we have a real house.  With carpet and granite counters and a deck and a basement and even a music room! It’s only 15 years old and we’re the 2nd owners, so there’s not much work needed.  We’d like to update the landscaping, add some built-ins to the music room, get one of those custom closet things…

But before then we’ve got a little more unpacking to do.  Little areas around the house still wait to be sorted, purged and put away.

Then there’s the children.  We need to stay ever vigilant over math woes, I have some fun hands-on history projects waiting and the little one thinks maybe he might want to learn to read.  Or maybe not.  He’s only 4, so we’ve got more than enough time.

We need a better daily schedule and our chore system needs updating.  I’d like to be more efficient at the computer so I can spend my time with more important things.

I’ve got things to do, you see.  Plans.  Important plans.

And God laughs at my plans. Not in a mean or sarcastic way.  But laugh he does, though I think he  acknowledges that all those plans are important.  But before I get too hung up on all I think I have to do, he’d like me to slow down a bit.  He’d like me to get some more rest, eat a little – a lot- healthier, learn to delegate, and get some fresh air.

Because a long time ago, my lonely little girl’s  heart wished to have a big family.  I wanted five children to fill my house with love, laughter and joy.  The Good Lord smiled down at me and said, “Now THAT’S a good plan!”

So God said, “let there be five…and there were five.”

Yes, indeed!  Sometime towards the end of October, our fifth baby will be arriving.  As Boo would say, “the Lord has blessed us again!”


I had hoped to make  Major Announcement here last week, but that and every other blog worthy moment in my life was preempted by The Sick.

For the last three weeks we have had pretty much every viral symptom known to man.  Headache, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, aches, chills, fever, congestion, runny nose and crying.

I’m the one doing the crying.

Even though each symptom we’ve had has been pretty mild, someone in the family has had at least one on any given day.

We’ve missed soccer practices, soccer games, religious ed classes and today Bip and I even missed church.  And if you’re Catholic, it’s a Very Big Deal to miss church.  But for the whole hour between when I woke up and the rest of the crew left for mass, I sneezed and coughed and blew my nose.  This was one of those times when having the man be the spiritual head of the house is such a blessing.  Man said, “stay home,” so I stayed.

I’m sure the congregation of mothers with small children, older people, and children with upcoming sports games, recitals and First Communions were glad I was not there to share the love.

I’m not a good patient, either.  I despise being sick. I don’t lie there and quietly recover.  Nope.  I turn into Crabby McCrabbypants, wishing for death in one breath and taking it back with the next. I get very hard to please, then weepy because I’m being difficult. Cooking and blogging and other necessities fall the wayside when I’m sick. It’s not pretty.

So until further notice, this blog is on hiatus.  Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me.

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