Boo turns twelve today. I was due in early November and the one thing I did not want was for him to be born on Halloween. So much for that.

I don’t even remember what my thinking on that was, but as always, I was making plans instead of letting God do the work. So Boo arrived on Halloween – thus giving him the nickname “Boo”. It’s not just a family nickname, everybody calls him that. Everybody. It goes on certificates, his Boy Scout uniform nametag, and everything else. He does have real name, and it’s a nice one. I use it when I’m mad at him.

The top five things on his birthday list this year were an iPod Touch and iPod related accessories. Including a $50 iTunes gift card. A boy can dream, right? He actually already knows he’s getting the iPod Touch because he’s paying for most of it with money he saved up himself.

He likes 80’s music, Star Wars and being a Boy Scout. He loves history and will sit through any documentary. Right now he’d like to follow his dad’s exact career path.

Tonight he is going trick or treating as St. Michael the Archangel and he thinks that next year he’ll reuse the gladiator costume, minus the wings, and then that might be his last year trick or treating. But he’s not sure.

He loves being an alter server, he doesn’t like to draw, he couldn’t care less about spelling and math is still his arch nemesis.

He grew five inches last year. He and I wear the same size shoe. He drives me crazy most of the time. I look at him and I see both the little boy he once was and the man he is growing to be.

Twelve years ago I became a mother. This is why.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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