We have a dining room in our house, completely separate from the kitchen and the living room.  I love it!  We use it for dinner as often as possible, which is every day unless we are eating outside on the deck.  The only thing is that the dining room is pretty small (as they all seem to be in this area) and only has northern facing windows.  We have dark wood furniture in there.  It can be a pretty dark feeling room.

A few years ago I was a Longaberger consultant.  Sort of.  I signed up in Korea, where I didn’t have to make any quarterly sales minimums.  I got the consultant discount for myself without having any of the work!  At the time, my goal was to buy three sets of their dishware in red, white and blue.  I never got the white before we moved back to the States and my sweet little set up was over.

We used the red and blue Longaberger plates until the first time we had people over for an actual, grown-up, sit-down, dinner party.  I set the table with those dishes and the room looked so horribly dark and oppressive.  I knew I wanted something different, but I wasn’t sure what.

And I discovered Fiestaware!  I picked up some place settings from Kohl’s when they were on sale and I had a good coupon.  I got a few more place settings from my  mom for Christmas.  And then it was our turn to host the dinner party again and I grabbed the last place settings I needed.

Do you want to see my set table?

fiestaware table

The table linens are from Kohl’s, too.  They aren’t the best quality – the napkins aren’t completely square and two of the placemats are a few inches smaller than the others.  They came in a set, so I couldn’t choose. But I had a enough to set the smaller ones aside.  But doesn’t it look great?  Pumpkin Girl helped me fold the napkins and she set the table so that each place has a different color placemat, napkin, bowl and plate.

I love the way the table looks when it is set now, like it is time for a fiesta!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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