The Scarf Issue Resolved

OK, so I am practically alone with my unmatched scarf, hat and coat combo.  Do I get any credit for at least having a somewhat neutral blue winter coat? At least no one called Stacy and Clinton over my pink clogs.  That would make me cry.

So my theory on this whole matchy-matchy scarf-coat thing was that if you grew up someplace where a coat and scarf was a matter of daily survival, then you were more likly to match them.  If you’re going to have to wear a coat and a scarf every single day, then you’ve got to look good doing it.

On the other hand, I theorized, if you grew up where a jean jacket was all you needed all winter, then a scarf was a superfluous accessory.  You might choose any ol’ scarf that struck your fancy, since you weren’t actually going to wear it with a coat or anything.  Ah, the days of the turtleneck layered with a sweatshirt, cute scarf around the neck!  And that was because my high school had no interior hallways.  All classrooms opened up to the outdoors, where one might freeze walking to and from classes on a 60 degree January day without that scarf.

What I hadn’t counted on was the Southerners weighing in on my highly scientific study.  Of course those now living in colder climates would match their scarves and coat.  Being well coordinated is bred into Southerners.  Just don’t tell them about the white sandals I was wearing during last week’s Indian Summer.

So I guess I’m going to have to get more coats, like my friend Shanti, who grew up in California like me, but who can now be spotted on The Hill with a matching scarf and coat.  Yes, I think that’s my answer.  More winter coats for me!  Must do my part to stimulate the economy.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Well, I didn’t have time to respond to your informal questions. I think I would use the word “coordinate” my hats and scarves. I would never do matchy-matchy, like pink with pink. Actually, I would never wear pink, so that’s probably why pink with pink is even more horrible to me. I want a contrasting color, or pick up some colors in the scarf or hat. But perhaps I didn’t understand the question. I’m not a fashion guru by any means. I did some major shopping in the malls Columbus Day weekend and it’s too stressful keeping up with fashion. And hard on my personal economy. Give me comfort and classic clothes that can be worn a few years.

  • If you’re going to move to Colorado, you should get started on your coat collection now! End of season sales are wonderful things.

  • I’m a pink or red kinda girl, so I totally get your pink clogs…but if I were getting a scarf to wear daily, I’d have to go with a Burberry…or a fake Burberry. hahahaha Red, Tan, Black…there you have it! I seem to prefer pink in the summer and more reds in the winter. No clue why that is though. Reds or shades of red????
    BTW, I’m a TN girl in Fort Hood, TX now. I guess southern is all I am ever going to know. I have only one scarf to my name and it’s a black one that I ALWAYS wear with my winter wool long coat. It has a large lapel that screams for a scarf, but I would still rather have that Burberry.;-)

  • Well, I’m from Oregon and my hats, scarf and gloves match usually. But not with my coat. I guess I support your theory. I have a black coat for everyday use and no black scarves or mittens. I do have a black hat though. I have a light blue heavy snow coat. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if any of my accessories match it when we get our winter stuff out of the spacious storage shed we have out back :)

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