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Changes for Fall

Changes for Fall

Yesterday’s rain caused soccer practice to be cancelled, so I found myself with a little extra time.  I went through my 5 boxes of Halloween decorations and added little touches all through the house.  Not everything made the cut this year because our house is small and already overly knick-knacky.  The house looks pretty much like it did back in 2006.  Except I live in a completely different and yet identical house.  And Bip’s not so chubby and Boo is about to turn 10.

I also finished my new blog header, installed it and changed the fonts and colors to match.  If you’re reading through a feed reader or email, come stop by and see the changes!  I’m particuarly fond of the new header which features Boo in his orange soccer uniform, Pumpkin Girl at age 2 picking out a huge pumpkin, Bip in his pumpkin hat last year, and Becca, who never saw an October, but is too cute to leave out.  She’s singing to my mom in that picture.

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